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Thrive When You Need To Survive.

Stage 1: Introduction & 2-Week Emergency Kit

Life gets tough sometimes, and more often than not, it’s typically out of our control. How well prepared we are however, is something within our grasp. It’s never too late to start, and just a few short weeks can make a world of difference when faced with an emergency situation. While catastrophic events are fairly rare for most of us, they can and will happen eventually. With a little basic knowledge and fundamental skills, most of which have all but been forgotten in today’s society, you’ll gain the peace of mind needed to carry you through even the hardest of times.

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Do I Really Need This Guide?

We understand, you may need some more information before you decide to add your name and email to yet another mailing list. Rather than try to convince you of all the reasons, we’re just going to list a series of questions for you to ask yourself.

What would you do if your water stopped flowing from the tap and will be off for the foreseeable future?

What would you eat if the food supply chain failed and grocery stores and restaurants were no longer stocked with food?

Do you have a means to cook food with no electricity? If you’re using a grill, what happens when the fuel runs out?

Do you know how to start a fire without any help from fire-starter logs/fuels?

For those who live in northern climates, how would you keep your family from freezing to death with no electricity?

If cell towers fail, do you have a means to communicate with your loved ones?

If there is an emergency where communications are lost, do you have a plan for meeting up with your family?

If you had to leave your home quickly because of imminent disaster, do you know exactly what you need to take with you and where to go?

Do you have a means to protect yourself and/or your family if local authorities are overwhelmed and unable to aid you?

If you answered “I don’t know.”, or “Not really.”, or even “Maybe?” to any of these, then we encourage you to at least browse through the first stage of the guide. All of these questions encompass very possible scenarios, even in the best of times. History has proven, time and time again, that the conveniences of today may not always be available, and life as we know it is and always will be ever-changing.

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